PSO Volunteers Make a Difference in Pasco County

Pasco Sheriff’s Office volunteers are helping our community in more places than you may realize. While PSO has dedicated members across the agency working to make a difference in our community, there are even more members assisting as volunteers. April is recognized as National Volunteer Month, and as such, we’re showcasing the many ways volunteers help PSO serve our citizens!

Volunteer units at PSO serve an important purpose; they assist with tasks that don’t require law enforcement action. In turn, this allows PSO deputies to focus on calls for service which require such action. Additionally, volunteers bring valuable assets and skills to assist in search and rescue missions throughout Pasco County, including situations where traditional means may not be able to access. They also offer unique ways for us to build connections with those we serve. Volunteering with PSO is not only a great way to give back to our community, but it also helps volunteers build valuable skills for future careers.

Pasco Sheriff’s Office is proud to have many volunteers dedicating their time to Pasco County, but also to have so many in our community willing to embrace the spirit of our motto, “We Fight As One,” and working to make our community a better place for all to live, work and enjoy. Whatever their reason for volunteering is, PSO is deeply grateful for these community members offering their time to help keep Pasco County safe. Below are just a few ways in which community members assist PSO as volunteers.

Their trucks are a common sight on Pasco’s roadways; the Citizen Service Unit responds to calls in which a law enforcement response is not required. They provide crime scene and search assistance and conduct parking enforcement, among other important tasks. They’re always happy to help wherever they can!

When Pasco’s unique terrain prohibits certain vehicles from assisting with a search mission, PSO’s Jeep Search and Rescue Unit steps in to help. Members of this volunteer unit train regularly to stay ready for any situation that comes their way, from search and rescue to disaster assistance.

In addition to being a friendly face in our community, the Mounted Posse conducts proactive neighborhood patrols to connect with those we serve and deter crimes of opportunity at local venues, such as malls or the Pasco County Fair. They also stand ready to assist with search and rescue missions in which traditional vehicles may not be a viable option.

If educating Pasco’s youngest citizens is your passion, look no further than Pasco Safety Town! Volunteers at Safety Town provide educational tours for Pasco’s youth, helping them learn basic safety skills.

Natural disasters, including hurricanes, are an unfortunate reality of living in Florida. The Community Response Unit provides relief through a variety of skills, experience and equipment following such events, helping our community get back on its feet even faster.

In addition to units comprised solely of volunteers, volunteers provide assistance with clerical duties across the agency, including in units such as Victim Advocates, Chaplain Services, Parking Enforcement and more. For more information and to apply to become a volunteer, visit today! Volunteers, including those wishing to intern with PSO, must fill out a Volunteer application. Help make a difference in your community by volunteering with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office!

Prospective volunteers must undergo a background check and fingerprinting. Volunteers do not receive any salary or benefits, but are covered by worker’s compensation. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, identity, national origin, disability or protected Veteran status. For telecommunication, dial 711 then provide TTY operator with our phone number: 727-844-7791.

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