Special Operations
The Special Operations Division provides 24 hour county-wide tactical support to law enforcement operations by utilizing special tactics, unique equipment, and deploying specially trained personnel to unusual law enforcement situations and events. They coordinate with other agencies and organizational elements concerning special events and potentially catastrophic situations to enhance community policing, reduce criminal activity and support three Pasco Sheriff’s Office uniform operations patrol districts. The Special Operations Division’s capabilities consist of: Agricultural Crimes Investigation, Aviation, Canine (K9), Marine Operations (MAROPS), Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), and Selective Traffic Enforcement and Highway Interdiction units. When directed, the Special Operations Division will plan, deploy, and execute critical incident response for both manmade and natural disasters, mutual aid task force requirements, and other high liability operations.

The Aviation Unit provides air support for the Sheriff’s Office members both proactively and reactively. The Aviation Unit has a Chief Pilot, four Deputy Pilots, and a Pilot Instructor. The six pilots make up three flight crews and provide air service countywide. The flight teams assist in searching for criminal subjects and search and recovery missions. They also conduct flight patrols over the county to detect and deter criminal activity. The Aviation Unit also employs a full-time mechanic to reduce maintenance costs and maintain each aircraft in a “mission ready” status. The current fleet is composed of four OH-58 aircraft and one UH-1 Huey with Churchill Navigation and FLIR capability. The Aviation Detachment provides around the clock aviation coverage as needed.

Aviation Unit
Aviation Unit2
The Bomb Liaison is comprised of a law enforcement deputy and one law enforcement K-9 team. The law enforcement K-9 is a specially trained bomb detection dog. Members of this unit also maintain other full-time responsibilities within the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Members of the Bomb Unit are part of the Tampa Bay Regional Bomb Squad and respond to calls within Pasco County and throughout the Tampa Bay area as needed. During 2006, the bomb unit responded to seven Pasco incidents involving suspicious devices, homemade bombs, and recovery of military ordnance. The bomb unit deputy also conducted two burns to destroy ammunition confiscated or turned in to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.
K9 Unit

The Patrol K-9 teams’ primary function is to assist Patrol Deputies with calls for service and K-9 related calls for service including; tracking wanted or missing subjects, criminal apprehension, and building and area searches. Several of the K-9 teams are cross-trained to locate narcotics or explosives. The Sheriff’s Office also has a cross-trained patrol and narcotic K-9 and detective handler assigned to the Vice and Narcotics Division to assist with narcotic related investigations. The School Resource Section also has an SRO Corporal and single purpose narcotic detection team assigned to assist with narcotic searches at all Pasco County School District locations. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office K-9 Association originated in 2015 to allow citizens to fully engage with the K-9 Teams.

Environmental Crimes

Environmental Crimes Detachment (ECD): ECD consists of an agricultural and marine component.
AGRICULTURAL DETACHMENT: The agricultural component focuses on problems dealing with loose or mistreated livestock, investigates agricultural related crimes, and serves as liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the agricultural community within Pasco County.

Environmental Crimes

MAROPS DETACHMENT: The marine component patrols the county’s waterways, enforcing Florida boating laws and responding to calls for service on the water. They also participate in search and rescue missions and criminal investigations on the waterways and in waterfront communities. The MAROPS detachment provides waterborne support for the Sheriff’s Office members both proactively and reactively. The detachment has four certified deputies that assist in conducting search and rescue missions, maritime law enforcement, boating safety and education, and directed patrols to detect and deter criminal activity.


The primary responsibility of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office traffic enforcement program is to make the streets of Pasco County as safe as possible for its citizens and visitors by actively enforcing all traffic laws in Pasco County. Enforcement locations are chosen by analyzing crash data to determine areas with the highest crash rates. Using Intelligence Led Policing methods, these locations are often found to overlap areas with increased criminal activity, and that information is considered when determining enforcement locations. Traffic enforcement is conducted utilizing two traffic units: the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) and the Highway Interdiction Team (HIT). The units adjust their schedules to cover both days and nights in order to serve the full range of traffic related needs.

  • HIGHWAY INTERDICTION TEAM (HIT): Each team is composed of one narcotic certified K-9 and handler paired with a Traffic Enforcement Specialist.
  • SELECTIVE TRAFFIC ENFORCMENT PROGRAM (STEP): is a team of four deputies commanded by a sergeant that conducts traffic enforcement based on traffic data analysis and intelligence led policing.


The SWAT Team is a cooperative effort composed of members of the Sheriff’s Office Field Operations, Investigations and Criminal Intelligence, and Court Services Bureaus, in addition to members of the New Port Richey Police Department. SWAT is open to other police department members and fire rescue personnel within Pasco County. The Unified SWAT Team responds to incidents of barricaded subjects, hostage situations, and other high-risk situations. The Unified SWAT Team also serves high risk search warrants and performs dignitary and VIP protection functions. The Unified SWAT Team is divided into two independent teams that are on call for one month at a time, although both teams may be activated if needed. Each team consists of members who hold various leadership and specialty positions such as snipers, grenadiers, breachers, and explosive breachers. The SWAT team also has dedicated medical personnel to conduct triage and life-saving, field expedient, advanced first aid in unsafe or hostile environments.

Emergency Operations
Command Bus

The Emergency Operations Division primary responsibility is to serve as the agency’s liaison to the Pasco County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The Director and Manager are Pasco County’s Deputy Incident Commanders during an emergency operation and provide a 24/7 command function to the EOC for both manmade and natural disasters. The Director and Manager prepare, plan, train, and execute the Agency’s overall level of readiness and provides situational reports and recommendations during emergencies.

Serves as the Florida Sheriff’s Association (FSA) Coordinator for the Region 4 Task Force. This is an eight county task force with numerous federal, state, and local agency participation through mutual aid agreements and everyday operations. Much of this coordination requires knowledge of all resources available for mutual aid agreements and coordinate task force training events, operations, and technology sharing opportunities.

Agency’s liaison for the following programs: Defense Logistics Agency’s – Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF), and the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI). The LESO program make US government military equipment available to non-federal agencies. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office Aviation program and Special Vehicle Unit are prime examples of the cost benefits of participating in the LESO program. The RDSTF and UASI programs provide funding through grants for anti-terror and emergency management functions and aloe the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to utilize any of the myriad of regional resources available if required.

WaterBorne Unit

Waterborne Unit

The Waterborne Unit has three very different unique waterborne response capabilities. These capabilities include Underwater Recovery Team (DIVE), Swift Water Response Team, and Waterborne Response Team. Many of the unit’s members serve on more than one team in the Waterborne Unit. The Underwater Recovery Team (DIVE) conducts dive operations in order to recover stolen property, locate evidence, and search for victims of drowning.

In late 2016, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office began the task of creating and implementing a Swift Water Recovery Team. This capability is in response to the repetitive flooding, which occurs within Pasco County. The team was initially planned to include four members who would respond to any swift water event, such as flooding, in Pasco County. As the process of creating the team evolved the Sheriff’s Office obtained funding from private citizens of Pasco County who donated money to purchase three inflatable rescue/ recovery boats. With these donations, funds became available allowing the Sheriff’s Office to dedicate 15 fully trained and equipped personnel to the team. The twelve Underwater Recovery Team members and three additional members identified as the Underwater Recovery and Swift Water Recovery Team. The team is broken into three five-man sub-teams. Each of the sub-teams has a Team Leader, one Swimmer/Diver, one Safety Swimmer/Diver, and two Diver/Swimmers. The members have dual roles on the teams determined by experience and specialized training. All members train equally and can function in both roles as determined by events; however, the unit selects primary swimmers due to prior training and experience in the swimmer rescue field.

The three teams of the URT/SWRT certified as Public Safety Divers with training in Dive Rescue, Current Diving, Swift Water Rescue I and Swift Water Rescue II. Two members of the team are actively involved in the transition of military certifications to public certifications as Paramedics. One member of the team is currently a certified EMT. These certifications will allow the team to meet the national standards for Swift Water Rescue Teams and will allow the Sheriff’s Office the ability to join regional response teams and/ or task forces for any water related response. The Pasco Sheriff‘s Office Swift Water Rescue Team will be fully mission capable by year-end of 2017.

The members of the team have been fully equipped with diving and swift water response personal equipment. Some of the team’s equipment includes two trucks and trailers and all rescue gear for two complete sets of operational responses to any water related emergency. The team is also researching the possibility for smaller immediate responses to some types of emergencies. The agency equipment includes a set of swift water rescue rigging, three 12-foot inflatable boats with motors, and two sets of miscellaneous equipment for setting up and functioning as stand-alone operational platforms.

Unit Boats

With three five-man teams available, the Sheriff’s Office can man an operation in the standard A-B 24 hour scheduling format utilized during states of emergency, such as, tropical storms and flooding events. A third team’s utilization is for any other emergencies and/or deployments as members of the regional task force.

At this time, August 2017, the teams are operational with limited functionality until the rigging training is complete by the end of 2017 to allow full functionality as required by national fire safety guidelines. Until then the team is equipped and able to function in nearly all types of water related responses, to include basic flooding responses, which arise throughout the year. The team is capable of performing under both water and top water operations such as, citizen assists, rescue, and recovery operations in flooded areas and all bodies of water in Pasco County.

The Waterborne Response Team is part of the state Regional Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF). This task force enforces maritime security, and has a capability, which consist of a minimum seven person teams trained and equipped who can deploy to provide critical water, and land based security for our state’s waterways and critical infrastructure, including ports and nuclear power plants. Water borne Response Team’s also serve as an immediate response element to all natural and manmade disasters and critical incidents, including acts of terrorism.

The Waterborne Response Team (WRT) addresses the threat of waterborne attacks and enhances Florida’s response capabilities to critical incidents occurring on or near the water. Within each of the seven RDSTF, the WRTs are comprised of representatives from local and state agencies including Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, County Sheriff’s Departments and Municipal Police Departments that possess maritime capabilities. These WRTs augment the United States Coast Guard mission to ensure compliance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, ensure security of Florida’s ports and waterways, and provide a rapid and organized response to WMD events and other critical incidents.

Special Incident Response Team (S.I.R.T)

The Special Incident Response Team serves as the Sheriff’s Office mobile field force. They assisted with the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa and stand ready to quickly respond to any type of civil disturbance or mass arrest situation. The team is composed of member of the Field Operations, Criminal Investigation, and Court Services Bureaus.

Special Vehicle and Driving Team (SVDT)

The SVDT program supports the Pasco Sheriff’s Office growing fleet of specialty vehicles as part of the overall agency response to critical incidents. Housed within this program are the mobile Tactical Operations Center, the Mobile Command Post, the Intelligence and Information Technology Vehicle, and military surplus Humvees and 5-ton vehicles used for flood response and evacuation. Members are required to remain proficient in the use of all vehicles within the SVDT fleet and train regularly to maintain their skills.

Pasco Sheriff Tank
Pasco Sheriff Tank
Pasco Sheriff Special Vehicle
Emergency Operations

Operational Readiness provides command and control of the following agency special units: Augmentation Force, which includes the agency’s Extra Duty program, Civilian Support Unit, Parking Enforcement, Jeep Unit, and Horse Posse. The Augmentation Force as 395 volunteer positions. Continuing, the Bomb Liaison, Honor Guard, Special Vehicle Unit (SVU), Special Incident Response Team (SIRT), and Surveillance Unit on a daily basis. All of these teams provide the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office with a force multiplying capability for many different types of emergencies and events.

Augmentation Force

Led by Sgt Rosenbloom – The Augmentation Force include the Civilian Support Unit, Parking Enforcement, Extra Duty, Jeep Unit, and Horse Posse. The Augmentation Unit covers all volunteers throughout the agency and in volunteer hold status, which totals nearly 400 volunteer members

Crime Prevention Vehicle
The Volunteers in Policing section encompasses several volunteer programs to include the CSU program, Operation Dark House, the Ghost Car program, Parking Enforcement and volunteers that serve in all parts of the agency. CSU’s assist patrol by directing traffic at crash scenes, and handling lower priority calls such as found property and criminal mischief complaints. Some CSU members are also trained Traffic Crash Investigators (TCI’s). Both Operation Dark House and the Ghost Car program are aimed at crime prevention and have been proven to reduce burglaries in the program areas

Citizen Service Unit (CSU)

Citizen Service Unit

CSU members fall under Joint Operations Bureau Augmentation Force section and are comprised of Volunteers specially trained by the Sheriff’s Office to respond to many non-emergency and routine calls for service, that do not require law enforcement or regulatory authority. CSUs conduct: Community Patrol, Traffic Control, Vehicle Crashes, Parking Enforcement, Search Assistance, Crime Scene Assistance, Investigating & Reporting of “Non-Suspect” Crimes, Vacation/ Dark House Checks, Court Services and Traffic “Calming”.

Parking Enforcement Specialist (PES)

PES members fall under Joint Operations Bureau Augmentation Force section and are comprised of volunteers specially trained in Parking Enforcement procedures. PES members must complete a 40 PES academy and be with a Field Training Officer until proficient with parking enforcement procedures. Parking Enforcement Specialists will only enforce parking violations in commercial parking areas such as malls, shopping plazas, etc. Parking Enforcement Specialists will not enforce parking violations in any residential subdivisions, regardless of whether the subdivision has a letter of agreement to enforce parking violations on file with the agency.

Extra Duty

Extra Duty Deputies

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office offers the ability for individuals or businesses to hire off duty deputies. These deputies can be hired for security related services and traffic control. This may include community patrols, churches, construction sites, triathlons, private parties, festivals, funeral escorts, and court ordered escorts.

A completed application for extra duty employment and payment in full (check or money order) must be submitted 5 business days in advance of the requested detail. The office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

The completed application must contain the following:

  • Date, time, duration, type of event, and expected attendance
  • Number of members needed
  • The nature of duties to be performed
  • Whether the extra duty employment request is a one time job, or on a continuing basis
  • A statement as to whether the secondary employer has worker’s compensation insurance or liability insurance in case of injury associated with the extra duty detail.


      Regular $43.00 / per hour
      Alcohol $48.00 / per hour
      Holiday $53.00 / per hour
      Supervisor – Regular $46.00 / per hour
      Alcohol / Holiday $58.00 / per hour
      Supervisory – A/H $61.00 / per hour

Requests received less than 5 business days from your event, will be charged an additional $5.00 per hour.

Members will receive a minimum of four hours pay for any extra duty employment detail

Extra-duty detail contracts for large public events must conform to County Ordinance No. 04-28. The need for six or more members requires the employment of an extra-duty member of supervisory rank.

  • One sergeant will be required for each assignment requiring 5 to 10 members.
  • Two sergeants will be required for groups of 11 to 20 members.
  • Three sergeants will be required for groups of 21 to 30 members.
  • One lieutenant will be required for 3 or more sergeants.
  • Cancellations must be made within 24 hour prior to the scheduled detail, during working business hours Monday thru Friday. The Sheriff’s Office will reimburse any unused funds collected. However, failure to notify the Coordinator or designee within the above-required time frames will result in the secondary employer receiving reimbursement minus four hours hourly wage per member scheduled for the extra-duty detail.

    All contracts that request services on a continual basis shall be re-established in writing each January.

    The Sheriff’s Office makes no guarantee that an extra duty detail will be filled. Once a contract has been accepted, the Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to cancel any extra-duty contract without notice or liability when necessary for community safety. In such cases, any unused prepaid contracted funds will be reimbursed to the secondary employer

    If interested in this service, please download the Application for Extra Duty Detail Employment.

    Make checks payable to:

    Pasco Sheriff’s Office Extra-Duty Detail

    Attn: Extra-Duty Coordinator

    8700 Citizen Drive

    New Port Richey, Florida 34654

Jeep Unit

Jeep Unit

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Volunteer Jeep Search and Rescue Unit support the Sheriff’s Office. Our main purpose is to provide vehicular support for emergencies in Pasco County and elsewhere in the state, with an emphasis on Search and Rescue, by performing duties related to missing persons, evidence searches, flood and other disaster assistance, when its special team skills are required.

The members of this unit supply their own vehicles, specially equipped for searching in on- and off – road environments. The unit maintains a group of qualified, trained and mission- ready volunteers to be on-call and respond to any situation, in any weather, and at any time, when requested by the Sheriff’s Office. Lead Corporal Art Madden.

Mounted Posse

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office has 3 Equestrian Units under the leadership of Sheriff Chris Nocco. The Mounted Unit is comprised of Sworn Sheriff’s Deputies.

The Mounted Posse Members are comprised of 40 riding civilian volunteers and 10 civilian ground assistants.

The Junior Posse, organized April 2015, young adults between the ages of 14-17, maximum limit 10.

All of the horses are personally owned; their services donated and are of no cost to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office or the Tax Payers of Pasco County. These units are very active in all of the communities in Pasco County and serving at almost all community events where they are invited. The use of these units and their high visibility serve as a Crime Prevention Tool though out Pasco County.

THE MEMBERHIP LOVES sharing our equine partners with the citizens and visitors of Pasco County.


Honor Guard

Honor Guard

The primary responsibility of the Honor Guard is to provide specialized services in support of anticipated and unanticipated law enforcement events for ceremonies and funerals. These events are outside the realm of conventional agency operational components. This includes presenting colors at special events, funeral honors, attending outside agency funerals, and assisting outside agency with funerals. The Honor Guard consists of 25 members from all agency bureaus. Training is held every other month and event driven training takes place when needed.

Reserve Deputies

The agency currently consists of 15 Reserve Deputies and 7 Part-Time Deputies. Their duties consist of assisting the agency in a wide variety of functions. The following is an example of functions assisted with:

  • Uniform Operations, Patrol
  • Mounted Unit
  • Security Patrol/ Neighborhood Watch Presentations
  • Training Section
  • Baliff Duty
  • Parades
  • Christmas Food Baskets
  • Communications
  • Pasco County Fair

The training division of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement training to Sheriff’s employees in accordance with Florida Department of Law Enforcement Training and Standards. This division is headed by a training director who either instructs or utilizes certified instructors from throughout the Office to deliver training. The division also solicits training from outside sources to ensure that all Sheriff’s personnel receive the best training available. The mission of the Training Division is to provide creative and collaborative training resources and opportunities to employees of the Sheriff’s Office; to ensure state and agency specific mandated training is tracked efficiently, to ensure compliance, update agency policies and procedures as needed and administer the new member orientation of the Sheriff’s Office. The division ensures that all members receive the required training to maintain their certifications through a continuous In-Service training cycle. Members of the Training Section are responsible for coordinating and instructing the eight week New Member Orientation course that all certified members must complete before being allowed to continue on to the Field Training Program. The training division is also responsible for range operations of the agency. This constitutes the management of the FEMA certified disaster recovery training range, the firearms and explosives law enforcement training range, and the Physical Abilities Test and Obstacle Course range. In addition to basic recurrent training, training section members also facilitate advanced and specialty training and education by coordinating internal and external training events and managing the Pasco Sheriff’s Office’s Tuition Reimbursement Program. Finally, the division is responsible for newly established the Human performance program that optimizes physical and mental performance of agency members to increase career performance, longevity and quality of life.

Emergency Operations

All 911 and non-emergency calls for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office are processed and dispatched by the Pasco County Department of Emergency Services, Consolidated Communications Center. The Department of Emergency Services is a component under the control of the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners and is led by a Director. The Director is a Sheriff’s Office Captain who is appointed by the Sheriff and is confirmed by the Board of County Commissioners in a dual position. The Department of Emergency Services is the third largest public safety agency in Pasco County with 106 employees and dispatches for the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Pasco County Fire Rescue and the Dade City Police Department. In 2016, the center processed 224,923 emergency 911 calls and 437,513 non-emergency calls for service.

The Department is divided into three divisions consisting of the Operations Division, Support Services Division and Compliance Division. Each Division is led by a Manager. The Operations Division has two managers, one who oversees Law Operations and one who oversees Fire Operations.

Each member agency has a representative who sits on the Consolidated Communications Board (CCB). The Board is responsible for providing feedback on operational policy that affects how their respective agencies are dispatched and are consulted with on determining goals for the Department.