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Civil Process

Fee for the Service of Process

Type of Service (individual cost)

Summons and Complaint $40
Notice $40
Order to Show Cause $40
Motion $40
Injunction $40
Garnishment $40
Subpoena $40
Alias and Pluries $40
Out of State Papers $43
Notice regarding Foreign and Out of State Process – The Pasco Sheriff’s Office serves process in accordance with Florida Statute 48.031 and the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Process that needs to be served outside these guidelines will have to be handled by a Private Process Server.

Enforceable Writs (individual cost)

Writ of Attachment $90
Writ of Possession/Ejectment $90
Writ of Garnishment $90
Writ of Replevin $90
Writ of Replevin & Notice of Hearing $90
Distress Writ (Service Only) $40
Distress Writ $90
Writ of Execution (Levy) – 
  • Execution Fee $50, plus applicable deposits
  • Advertising Sale $40, plus cost
  • Conduction Sale $40
  • Sheriff’s Deed/Bill of Sale $40
  • Satisfaction $40
  • Mail/Postage at Current Postal Rates
  • Property Storage if applicable – costs will vary
  • Fiing/Recording Fee – Actual Clerk Fees

Cost Deposits

A cost deposit is required prior to the levy or seizure of any property. The following amounts are minimum deposit requirements and additional monies may be required during the life of the case. Cost deposit checks are to be made out independent of all other fees.

Single Craft(s) up to 20 ft. $3,500 for each craft
Any craft exceeding 20 ft. Min. $5,000
Please call with details for calculation
Residence Single Family $1,000
Mobile Home/Travel Trailer (in place) $1,000
Mobile Home/Travel Trailer (stored) Min. $5,000
Please call with details for calculation
Single Vehicle 2 tons or less $3,500
Single Vehicle Exceeding 2 tons Min. $5,000
Please call with details for calculation
Office/Home Furnishings Varies depending on moving/storage
Real Estate (Vacant Land) $1,000
Stocks, Bonds, Jewelry Min. $1,000
Please call with details for calculation
Tractor, Trailer, or both Min. $5,000
Please call with details for calculation

A $250.00 minimum cost deposit, when required, for labor for removing personal property, furniture, etc.

A $100.00 minimum cost deposit for locksmith services.

The Sheriff shall be allowed actual expenses for levying, safekeeping, and sale of property under levy. Levy deposits are refundable before a levy is made or after a levy is completed and all outstanding costs and fees are paid.



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